How to Make Holiday Movie Nights Easier

Every year, my family and I love to watch holiday movies. Our two biggest movie watching holidays? Halloween and Christmas, of course. But our biggest struggle is that we always end up watching the same 5 movies. And then we say “Next year we’re watching (insert new holiday movie)!” But it never gets written down. So the holiday comes around again, and it gets overlooked. Twelve months is a long time to remember something!

Another struggle, albeit smaller than getting away from the same ones over and over, is deciding who gets to pick the holiday movie that night. I don’t know about you, but picking a movie when it’s just me and Lovey, or me and Boyfriend is hard enough. And then you add in kids? And what if Boyfriend and Bats are there too? All those people add up to a lot of different opinions.

Stop the Holiday Movie Madness!

So how did we fix this? How did we ensure we would get to watch all the movies on our imaginary list? And how did we ensure that the same person wasn’t always picking?

I present to you our highly sophisticated solution! (insert dramatic music here) Holiday Movie Sticks!

Okay, so it’s not actually highly sophisticated. It’s about as simple as you can get. And for a not-super-crafty person (that’s me, folx!), it was perfect! It’s cheap – you can find everything at your local dollar store, except maybe the tape depending on your how much of a craft section your local store has. But even then… you have options! It’s simple – I mean seriously simple. Keep reading, you’ll see. And it’s useful. It counts as a holiday decoration and helps you and yours get through all of those holiday movies you’ve been itching to watch!

Rated G? Or Rated R?

Of course, Halloween presented its own minor complication. There are kids to consider, and it is a holiday that embraces the spooky and gorey and down right terrifying when it comes to its themed movies. The easiest fix is to create two sets of Holiday Movie Sticks. One for family friendly movies, like Casper or The Addams Family. And one for scary movies, like It or Friday the 13th. Movies in the first set are appropriate for all ages. Movies in the second set are mostly for the grownups and the older kids who have an adult’s permission.

Mom note: If you have little ones at home, you can easily tackle this project during naptime. Or, if they are old enough, let them help you! My toddler loves helping me with little tasks. Ask them to hand you the tape, or put the finished sticks in their respective container. You know your kids and yourself best. So do whatever works for you.

Alright, on to it!

You will need

  • popsicle sticks (thick or thin, your preference. I recommend thicker if your handwriting is not naturally small)
  • Container (really anything you can put the sticks in and set out during the holiday, but then put away with the other decorations. Get creative!)
  • Washi tape or other decorative tape (check your local craft store, or craft section, and go nuts! Make sure it is something you can write on with a marker (so stay away from dark colors and slick surfaces). You also want to make sure that it matches the width of your chosen popsicle sticks.
  • Scissors (if the tape you choose isn’t tearable, or if you just want clean ends)
  • Sharpie (any color!)
  • List of your favorite holiday movies

Step 1

Curate your list of movies. Look over your own collection of movies for ideas. Likewise, any google or pinterest search will net you a ton of options. You can also poll your facebook friends and family for their favorite must watch movies during the holiday.

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to movies you own! A lot of movies can be found on streaming services, at Redbox, or even at your local library!

Step 2

Gather up your supplies. Turn on some background theme music. Or one of those movies from your list you’ve seen too many times to count but you still love it. Let’s face it, I’m sure we all have at least one of those.

Step 3

Count out the number of popsicle sticks you will need. One for each movie on your list. I like to include a few extra to leave blank. Sometimes new ones will come out or there will be one you hadn’t thought of before, so it’s nice to have an extra stick to add the movie to that is already prepped.

Step 4

Time for your tape! You want to cover about 3/4 of the stick with your tape, leaving just enough at the end empty so you can distinguish between the watched and not watched when they are all in the container you’ve chosen. I simply started on one side and folded my tape over the end to cover the other side. Easy peasey!

You could skip the tape cover, if you really wanted to. But I do not recommend it. The main reason is because sharpie on wooden popsicle sticks tends to bleed. And then the words get all blurry, which could leave you all staring at the stick you pulled and not being able to tell if it’s The Addams Family or something else. Plus, depending on the tape you chose, it could make them all the more themed.

Step 5

Once all your sticks are covered, it’s time to write down those movies! Grab your list and start marking them off. One movie per stick. It’s up to you if you feel like writing the movie on both sides of the stick or not. (I recommend keeping it simple and just sticking to one side.)

And that’s it! Drop your finished sticks into their container, untaped end up. When movie night comes around, just reach in and pick a stick. Don’t forget to drop it back in upside down so you don’t pick it again next time. And if that particular movie is not available when you pull it, then you can set it aside and watch it whenever it does become available.

Happy movie watching!

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What are some of your favorite holiday movies that you have to watch every year? Will this help your family decide what to watch this year? I’d love to see pictures of yours, so please drop them below or share on our facebook page!