Family General Info

Meet Some of My Favorite People In the World


My Nesting Partner, my person, my once-husband. And the father of my children. We have been together ~15 years (minus the Dark Years that saw us divorced and living in different cities. Thank God we got that sorted out!) He is the one that pushes me to be better and calls me out on my sh*t. He is the one I trust above and beyond everyone else. My Ride or Die.


My Boyfriend of 3 years. He is the thing I didn’t know I needed in my life. With him, my more playful and geeky side is able to come out more. He is also the one to indulge in my Scary Movie Obsession. We clicked from Day 1, so much so that it was a little spooky. It was just like that old cliché: It was as if we had known each other forever.


My Metamour. Lovey’s partner. Prefers They/Them pronouns. They have been in my life for ~10 months now. And it’s like they always have been. Even if we didn’t share a partner, we would be great friends. They are the one that keeps me creative. And they are quite possibly my best support when it comes to my other relationships.


My newest Metamour. Lovey’s newest partner. She came into our lives this year and has been a blessing to us all. She is solo-poly, which means she values her independence.


My mini me. Our first born. And as sassy as the day is long, if you couldn’t tell by her nickname. She is the child with the absolute biggest heart! And a sharp mind that can be just as lethal as it is life-giving. She has a strong sense of what is right when it comes to treating other humans as humans, and treating this planet and all of its creatures with love and respect.


Lovey’s mini me. Our second born. Sometimes I swear she is part mouse because she is so quiet. Just like her sister, she has a big heart and a sharp mind. She is our deep thinker, our sensitive soul, our artist. She knows who she is and is 100% comfortable with it. And has no qualms about letting others know it.


Our youngest. My Baby. He is a wild child who loves Moana and Elsa and Elmo. He adores his sisters and his kitties. Loves food. Loves his Daddy. And loves his Momma.

The Fur-Babies

What house is complete without some furry family members? (And, no, I am not talking about *those* furries, Hahaha.) Our resident fur-babies are all feline. Bats’ pup, Barkley, is currently living his best doggo life at her brother’ until we are able to find a new house.

Our matriarch is Grandmama Kitty. Our patriarch, though much younger than Grandmama Kitty, is Boo. Sadly, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year unexpectedly, and is greatly missed. Our little void is Baby Fuzz. We also “foster” Baby Fuzz’s mom, Momma Kitty and her brother, Stripes. Their human is a close friend who currently can’t have his babies with him. So they get a long stay-cation with us!