Finding Things to be Thankful for This Year

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November is all about being thankful. And in the age of social media, that thankfulness has to be shown and proven like never before. Every year, you will see various 30 Days of Thanksgiving challenges across your newsfeeds. If you’re struggling, it can be hard to see everyone you know share those thanksgiving blessings every day.

It is also hard when the holiday that inspires it all is a painful reminder of a very hard past. That fun holiday we learned about in elementary school doesn’t exist anymore. It is no wonder some of us have a hard time finding things to be thankful for this season. I certainly am. So let’s see if we can help each other.

Thankful for Gen Z

This next generation amazes me with their strength and ingenuity. Gen Z has stepped up in ways that gives me hope for our futures. We have activists like Ziad Ahmed, Amariyanna Copeny, and Muhammad Najem bringing awareness to the rest of us through the power of social media.

We also have the K-Pop stans. They have been taking over hashtags to troll QAnon and the President, rendering their hate-gathering social media tags useless. And when called upon by one of their own, they rallied to add even more money to one of their favorites band’s donations to Black Lives Matter.

Making Progress

These last four years, our nation was shown the ugly side of ourselves. But it was also shown the good. Our eyes were opened to the horrors of systemic racism. And it rallied us to spend our quarantine summer marching, protesting, and stepping up to help carry the burden of our BIPOC brethren. We saw a our U.S. Supreme Court bring down a huge win for our LGBTQ+ community, giving them employment protections under the Civil Rights Act.  And this month, Nevada voted to add Marriage Equality to its own State Constitution, protecting it for future generations in their state.

Thankful for Togetherness

Covid has certainly made this a year none of us will soon forget. But not just because of the never ending lockdowns and restrictions. We are more creative in finding ways to interact with each other, mastering the art of the video call for work, education, and everything else. We understand the importance of supporting small businesses, maybe better than we did before. We have seen science working in real time, as our top scientists and researchers studied this new coronavirus, and worked hard to create a vaccine as quickly as possible.

If we look, there are things to be thankful for in this weird, new world. We are more united than before, because we are all in this together. Every person on this earth is fighting the same battle for once.

I am thankful this year, for all of those things and for some smaller ones. For this platform I didn’t have the courage to stand on last year. For my family and our health. For the relationships I am building with my metamour, my boyfriend, my nesting partner. For the friends in my life who have challenged me to open my mind and examine the hard parts. And for all the people that have shown me the good in humanity.

I am thankful this year. What about you?

For some more snippets of the good this year, check out this mini roundup from vice of feel good stories this year. Or this article from Reader’s Digest Canada of good news stories from around the world.

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