Hi all, I’m Lucie, a Stay at Home Mom of 3 great kids, and a Cat Mom of 2 crazy furbabies. My partner and I have been together for about 17 years, and polyam for the last 6 years or so.

I am also a believer in Christ; one who struggles to make all the facets of my life mesh together while still holding true to my faith.

Representation Matters!

This is a place to explore what it means to me to be a queer, Jesus loving, polyamorous parent. Because, let’s face it! We all need support, representation, and to know that we are not alone on this journey of life. It can get messy out there alone! Finding your people is important.

What I hope is that this blog opens the conversation, and contributes to what it means to be all of those things. Because we are all complicated humans that fall into a lot of different categories, and wear a lot of different hats. I also hope it shows that being polyamorous and a follower of Christ are not mutually exclusive; and that being a parent who has multiple loving relationships is not a horrible thing. The kids are alright, I promise!

Most importantly, I hope this blog can be a resource for others who find themselves in these same categories. And maybe this can be a jumping off point for anyone who is curious about polyamory. Or maybe it is just a place to find some camaraderie for those who are in the midst of it themselves.

Come on in!

So welcome! I hope you like what you find! Please feel free to jump into the conversation anywhere you’d like. For instance, you can meet my family here. Or you can start with one of our other posts, like Why I Choose to be Polyam or where My Faith fits in to it all.

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